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IELTS Tuition

Our IELTS tutors provide the best support to help you improve your English and prepare for your exam
English Tutor

Our Key IELTS Tuition Programme

For non-English speaking students, IETLS is one of the essential qualification to assess your English skills. As the top universities increasingly demand excellence from their applicants, what used to be the standard requirement of around 6.5 has crept up over the last few years to 7 or even 7.5.


We have expert IELTS tutors to help students with English skills to improve their IELTS scores. 

Our teachers include graduates from top Universities, e.g Imperial, Kings College etc. We are passionate about education and focus on teaching exam techniques as much as theories. 


5 hours of Live Teaching Online

Class are from 10am-3pm every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month (including 1 hour lunch break)


Class hours are from 10am-3pm on both the Saturday & Sunday (including 1 hour lunch break)

10 months of teaching


Classes are conducted by qualified doctor/ medical student live online. Students can directly ask them questions in the class.

Taught by doctor/ medical student

What We Cover

 Carefully designed to train the four skills for the exam


  • Analysing and describing graphs, diagrams, charts and tables

  • Expressing opinions; making an argument for or against a particular topic

  • Vocabulary and grammar needed for the above

  • Academic style language and paragraph structure

  • How to satisfy IELTS marking criteria


  • Building confidence in speaking ability

  • Reducing speaking errors

  • Extended speaking without stopping

  • Giving your opinion and justifying it

  • Comparing and contrasting; summarising and analysing


  • Strategies for identifying answers quickly

  • Skim, scan and detailed reading skills

  • Paraphrasing

  • Strategies for predicting what you will read


  • Identifying key words and synonyms

  • Understanding question types and the type of answers required

  • Strategies for predicting what you will hear

  • Vocabulary needed for different contexts

  • Spelling rules

How Does It Work?

  1. Book a free consultation session to assess your English level

2. We design an English learning plan based on your targeted score

3. Choose your preferred intensity and class date

4. If you need to modify your booking after having booked, just let us know!

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