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UK University Admissions

We have a 100% track record with our students achieving their first or second choice of university including places at Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, UCL, LSE and many more

University Selection

Admissions Tests

ECL Mentoring

Personal Statement

Interview Preparation


What makes our UK university applicants so successful? 

Our UK admissions consultants provide students with expert advise that is highly individualised and supported by the latest research in the educational industry. Receiving a place from a top UK university can be exceptionally competitive, with multiple steps in the application process that are often confusing and hard to understand.


Our programmes are designed to simplify the process and offer tailored support through every aspect of your application. Our services include:

  • Pairing students with one of our experienced mentors, who are all graduates from Oxbridge, Imperial, UCL, Kings and other top UK universities 

  • Offering detailed guidance through each stage of your UCAS application, from university selection to personal statements, extracurricular activities to interview preparation

  • Communicating with university's admissions officers and general liaising with all parties involved in your application process

  • Providing insightful tips and detailed knowledge of UK admissions that is unrivalled 

1) Strategic University Selection

UCAS only allows a selection of 5 universities per application, and with an abundance of options is it vital to select the most strategic choices to ensure your admissions success.

Our mentors will provide expert insight into the most suitable universities for you application through a variety of criteria: 

  • The goals and ambitions of each student

  • The university ranking for the subject of intended study

  • Breakdown of the course content for each university to assess suitability

  • Admission requirements and rates offered by different universities  

  • The location of the campus and what best fits for your needs 

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2) Admissions Tests

Many courses at top UK universities require an admissions test to be taken during the application process. Students will need to achieve a score above the minimum criteria in order to progress to the interview stage. Our mentors have a range of experience in preparing and supporting students for various admissions test, such as:

  • Medical Admissions Tests - BMAT/UCAT

  • Mathematics Aptitude Test - MAT and STEP

  • Physics Admissions Test - PAT

  • Law Admissions Tests - LNAT

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3) Extracurricular Activities and Leadership (ECL)

Extracurricular activities play an extremely important role in the UK applications process and can make your application uniquely stand out from the rest. Our mentors focus on helping students enhance their applications through a variety of impressive activities that relate to their subject of interest. This enables our students to be ahead of the competition by demonstrating: 

  • Remarkable knowledge around their subject and industry

  • Dedication and passion towards their chosen field

  • The ability to convey the key points of their experiences and reflect upon what the have learnt

Group Discussion

4) Personal Statement Support

We recognise that personal statements play a vital role in producing a strong university application. Our mentors are graduates from top UK universities who are highly experienced in writing personal statements, having both aced their own and helped many students get places on some of the most competitive courses in the world. We provide our students with tailored guidance, such as:

•    Adapting content based on the specific universities and courses chosen 
•    Highlighting the strength of students and ensuring they are developed in detail
•    Blending in extracurricular activities and reflection of experiences to show insight
•    Using our expert knowledge and proven methods which have a track record of success


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5) Interview Preparation

The interview stage is arguably the most important part of the application process for top UK universities. Our dedicated interview mentors ensure students are fully prepared for the interview process by working with students on their:


  • Confidence levels in the interview room

  • Problem-solving abilities, especially when facing challenging questions

  • Communication skills and effectively describing strengths

  • Independent and original thinking

  • Mock interview practice with a range of different mentors to simulate different interview styles

Job Interview


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More likely to gain admission to the UK's top  universities including: LSE, UCL, and Imperial College 


Have achieved their first or second choice of university


More likely to gain admission to Oxford or Cambridge

I found TopTutors when I was late in application process. Their consultants are graduates from leading universities, working closely with all UK universities and, through in-depth application assistance, I was able to receive offers from my dream universities.
Helen Chen
Architectural Association School of Architecture
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